Sonntag, 12. Juli 2009

Birthday Buffet

Yesterday was my 29th birthday. I invited some friends over to our flat to celebrate, of course I had some vegan food and drinks prepared. :-)

Strawberry punch:
- strawberrys soaked with sugar for 2 hours
- white wine
- sparkling wine
- sparkeling water

- avocados
- tomatoes
- red onions
- salt, pepper, paprica

"noodle salad":
This is sooo german, can't have a party without some noodle salad! :-)

- cooked and cooled noodles
- peas
- gherkins
- tofu sausage
- vegan mayonnaise
- salt, pepper

Muffins american style:
- mix for vegan chocolate muffins (Yes, I am lazy....)
- vegan chocolate chips
- powdered sugar (for icing)
- red and green food coloring (for icing)
- gelatine free gummi bears

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Hallo Birdie,

habe gerade deinen Blog entdeckt und bin begeistert - du wirst gleich bei uns verlinkt, wenn das für dich ok ist?

Danke für deinen Kommentar bei uns :o)

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