Sonntag, 30. August 2009

Cookbook-review: Attila Hildmann "Vegan Kochbuch Vol. 1"

As you might have recognized I mostly cook without any recipes. I just look in my fridge or I cook recipes out of my memory and/or change them.
But from time to time I like to look at a good cookbook to get inspired and learn something new.

I bought the new cookbook from Attila Hildman (you might now him from his youtube channel AttilaHildmannTV) yesterday and I can say I really like it! The best is: every recipe has a picture! I love that!! I love to look through cookbooks and just look at the pictures to decide what I want to try. And then there is another really great plus factor: I had most of the ingredients already in my kitchen! For every recipe I would just have to buy 2-4 special ingredients.

Yesterday I tried two recipes out of Attila Hildmanns cookbook:
The leekquiche and the Chocolate Cupkaes.

Both were soo good!!!

I don't know if I am allowed to post the recipes here, I guess not as the cookbook is so new, so just look at my pictures:


"Chocolate"-Cupcakes with peanutbutter Topping:

There was only one problem with the cupcakes: I was wondering why there were called "Chocolate"-Cupcakes as there wasn't any chocolate in the recipe. And in fast my cupcakes doesn't look as dark at they do in the picture of the cookbook. I guess he just forgott one ingredient (the chocolate). But it doesn't really matter as the cupcakes taste soo good this way too! :-)

addition from the 31.09.09: I wrote an email to Attila Hildman and got a fast and nice reply. They actually only forgot that tere belong 30 g cacao into the muffins (and they already notice that mistake by themselves). That is easy! So if you already have the cookbook you might keep that in mind, and if you're planing to buy it, maybe you'll get the 2nd charge anyway where the problem is of course already solved.

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Hase hat gesagt…

'I mostly cook without any recipes. I just look in my fridge or I cook recipes out of my memory and/or change them.'

I'm just the same. That's why I hardly publish any recipes in my blog.
And I agree with you: a cookbook needs pictures to make it perfect!! :o)

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