Donnerstag, 27. August 2009

New Dressing, lactose-free-milk comment

Yesterday I experimented with a new salad-dressing. I had some berries left, so I put a hand full of each raspberries and blackberries in a blender and also a tablespoon of apple-vinegar and a tablespoon of lemon-juice.

I put it on my salad, used some sunflower-seeds for topping and then I had my Salad, some soy-"Chicken-Nuggets" and some Hummus. It was delicious!

And right now I have some big coffee with vanille-soy-milk so I am motivated to do some work.

Thank you for your comment Hase!! You are so right! And it doesn't even make sense, that I am so affraid of affront someone with my vegan-lifestyle, because until now, everybody I told was very nice and interested and started to ask me a lot of questions. Most of the people I told couldn't imagine to be a vegan themselfes, but they all said, that they have great respect for it.

Oh, and another statement: I really hate that they invented this lactose-free milk. Because there are several coffee shops where you can choose between normal milk, fat-reduced milk and lactose-free milk, but they don't have soy-milk anymore!! Before there was lactose-free milk, the request for soy-products was just higher because of all the lactose-intolerant people. And now they have lactose-free milk and stop buying soy-milk. I think you can sense that also in the supermarkets. They used to have more soy-yoghurts and different kinds of soy milk. It happens a lot that our nearest supermarket hase no soy-yoghurt left at all!
I really hate that! And I don't even understand why, some lactose-intolerant people I know told me that this milk taste very bad!!


C hat gesagt…

Hallo, du hast einen sehr schönen Blog - ich habe mir gleich deine Schottland-Fotos angeschaut, denn ich fahre in wenigen Tagen auch dorthin!! Freu mich schon sehr, bin noch nie dort gewesen.

Übrigens stört mich laktose-freie Milch auch. Erstens greif ich manchmal aus Versehen hin, weil irgendwas wie "Ohne Laktose!" draufsteht, und zweitens finde ich das nicht nötig - es gibt so viele Alternativen zu Kuhmilch. Und es ist genauso wie du es sagst - viele Leute kaufen dann weniger Pflanzenmilch, was schade ist.

Ganz liebe Grüße,


Birdie hat gesagt…

Danke für den Kommentar liebe C!
Ich wünsche Dir eine schöne Zeit in Schottland! ich war auch zum ersten mal da und es hat mir wirklich ausgesprochen gut gefallen, die Landschaft ist wirklich traumhaft!!

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