Mittwoch, 26. August 2009

Simple food

This is what I had for Lunch and Dinner yesterday:

Salad with Tofu-Sausage and a Smoothie:

Fruit Salad with Soy-yoghurt-cinnamon-Dressing:

It was really hard to stay vegan in scotland all the time and I hav to admit that I failed sometimes (please don't hate me now, I already feel really bad about it), especially when some nice Bed&Breakfast Ladies serve proudly their breakfast... but I of course I stayed vegetarian all the time and I managed to avoid eggs also.
I don't know why I am so very confident with the vegetarian thing but not with being a vegan. I never have a problem to say that I don't eat this or that because there is meat/fish etc. inside. But I always think I affront people when I say that I don't eat dairy either. Hopefully I just have to get used to be a vegan as I am a vegetarian for so many years now.
It's easier to say I don't eat eggs, because I am already disgusted when I think about putting that into my mouth. Probably it takes some time until I am disgusted by dairy-products too.

But now I am at home again, being the one responsible for the food. So it will be no problem to stick to my vegan-diet without exceptions.
I try to lose some weight though. So I also try not to eat to much vegan-sweets but just very healthy fruit and vegetable based food.

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Hase hat gesagt…

I certainly don't hate you ;-))
I know what you mean. It's hard to refuse food when it's been prepared with care and love. However, I must say that I never have a problem sticking to my vegan diet when I'm on the road (and I'm on the road a lot). I just tell people - very friendly but very firmly - that I am a vegan and that I won't eat ANY animal products. And that's that, full stop.
Maybe it just takes some practising? ;-)
Go ahead, try it next time, you'll see that it's easier than you think and people won't be offended - you are vegan, it's what you are and it's something to be proud of.... :o)

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