Sonntag, 6. September 2009

Long time no see

My husband and I had a really nice weekend at his parents house. I want to show you some pictures I took of the family dogs. The first two I call "thinking dogs" ;-)

Aren't they photogenic?
And here are some photos of my food which I took during last week, I didn't had the time to upload them until now.

- spinach
- tomatoes
- leek
- smoked tofu
- sunflower seeds

- mixed lettuce
- tomatoes
- smoked tofu
- chickpeas

Hot Sandwich
- white baguette
- mixed lettuce
- tomatoes
- cucumber
- smoked tofu slices
- ketchup and mustard

Vanilla Soy-Yoghurt with apple-banana-puree

1 Kommentar:

evanz2009 hat gesagt…

Hey Birdie,

danke fuer deinen Kommentar, da hab ich mich doch sehr drueber gefreut :-). Dein Blog ist toll, super Fotos! Ich hoffe, es geht dir gut und ihr habt schoenes Spaetsommerwetter.
Ganz viele liebe Gruesse

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