Sonntag, 13. September 2009


I told you that I bought Pumpkins in the last post. To be more explizit: I bought two. One I used for the soup, and the other one to make my sooo loved Pumpkin-bread.
This is a recepie my mother-in-law told me.

- one pumpkin
- pumpkin-seeds
- spelt flour (wholemeal)
- salt
- sugar
- (coconut) oil
- water
- yeast

Heat the Oil in a pot, put the pumpkin (peeled and sliced)and some sugar if you like in it and some water. Cook it till smooth and then blend it up.
It actually tastes so good, that I almost forgot to take a picture, the one you see is of the very last slice! :-)
Now you can just take every bread-recipe or even a bread-mix and put the pumpkin-mouse in it instead of the water. I just used my usual bread-recipe.
From the pumpkin the bread gets a nice sweet taste, I thing it is almost like Cake and I love to eat it just with margarine

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